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Seeking Alpha, Mitigating Risk or Sourcing Liquidity?
Discover the Power of Connectivity and Ecosystems

Anthony J. Perrotta, Jr.
Partner, Global Head of
Research & Consulting
TABB Group
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The shifting sands of market structure, stricter risk management practices and a stronger regulatory regime are altering the landscape of the global capital markets. Every asset class has been affected and firms are now requiring increased connectivity throughout the trade lifecycle and access to a large and diverse ecosystem of market participants to successfully execute their trading strategies, mitigate risk and source liquidity.

In this challenging environment, there is an unprecedented need for specialized technology such as Managed Network-as-a-Service (MNaaS) solutions to address the communication, collaboration and connectivity needs of the buy-side, sell-side, IDBs, liquidity venues and trade lifecycle / market data providers. Join industry leaders, Anthony Perrotta and Andy Nybo of TABB Group, as they explore the growing and vital role of connectivity and ecosystems in two major asset classes – fixed income and listed derivatives.