IPC's Hoot and Intercom Solution for Instant Trading Collaboration

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Connectivity and collaboration between a trader and the firm’s middle and back office teams is not just important – it’s now imperative. Regardless of your role - research analysts, economists, portfolio and private wealth managers, risk and compliance officers or back office settlement and clearance support, having the right tools to communicate with trader’s and across the global enterprise is more critical than ever before. 

IPC’s new Unigy platform, a single platform for unified trading communications and applications:

  • Makes keeping pace with today’s trading needs easy, because collaboration is instantaneous and seamless with IPC’s Instant Trading Collaboration Suite of integrated hoot and intercom offerings

  • Offers an array of Unigy-powered devices and apps – Unigy Pulse, Unigy Pulse Enterprise, Unigy Pulse Mobile and the IQ/MAX Edge turret – designed for each user across the trade lifecycle

  • Provides the ability to access hoot network quickly, easily and cost-effectively while delivering increased  transparency, deal accuracy and expedited execution

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Hoot and Intercom Solution for Instant Trading Collaboration