An IPC Whitepaper:  IN AN INSTANT

When and Why Instant Communication Matters Across the Trading Floor

This Whitepaper explores organizational and industry trends that have made “off-floor” support teams much more integral to the trading lifecycle. We show why now, more than ever, off-floor teams and traders need to collaborate via unified trading communications tools, bringing people together in ways that bolster both productivity and profits.

More details include:

Creating Collaboration Among Trading Teams
 - Top 6 Conclusions Right up Front

The Need for Speed And the Impact of Regulation
“Trading Firms That Adopt Emerging, New Technology That Empowers Collaboration Between On- And Off floor Personnel Will Give Themselves An Advantage In Speed, Adaptability, And Innovation.”

Beyond Mere Talk: A New Era of Communications Services
 - Who Works “Off The Floor” And Why They Matter

Conclusion: Instant Trading Collaboration Is Essential Across Trading Teams